In Pulp, the term content refers to any file managed by a Pulp server, regardless of type (RPM, SRPM, ISOs, MSI, etc.). The term content covers files that were either synchronized from a repository feed or manually uploaded by a user.


The content upload command uploads content to the Pulp server and stores it in a central location. If a repository is specified, the uploaded content will be associated to the given repo. The following arguments are supported (all are optional):

Name Flag Description
Directory --dir Local path to the directory containing the files to upload.
Repository ID --repoid Identifies the repository into which the content will be uploaded. Multiple repos may be specified to associate to more than one repo.
Signature Verification --nosig Pushes unsigned content (RPM only).
Chunk Size --chunksize Chunk size to use for uploads. Default: 10485760
Verbose --verbose Provides a more verbose output.

Example: Upload a directory of content to the Pulp server and associate it to a repository

$ pulp-admin content upload --dir /root/cloud-rpms --repoid testrepo

Example: Upload content to the Pulp server and associate them to a repository

$ pulp-admin content upload --repoid cloud zbar-qt-devel-0.10-6.fc14.i686.rpm

Example: Upload content to the Pulp server

$ pulp-admin content upload zbar-qt-devel-0.10-6.fc14.i686.rpm

Example: Upload an iso to the pulp server

$ pulp-admin content upload fedora-14.iso


The content delete command is used to delete content from the Pulp server. The delete will skip the specified file if it is currently associated with one or more repositories.

Name Flag Description
Files --filenames Name of the file to delete from the server.
CSV --csv Path to a CSV file with a list of files to remove. Format: filename,checksum

Example: Delete the content

$ pulp-admin content delete -f zbar-qt-devel-0.10-6.fc14.i686.rpm 

Example: Delete the content using a csv

$ pulp-admin content delete --csv=package.csv


Available content on the Pulp server is displayed using the content list command. The output of this command will list files in the format: filename,checksum

Name Flag Description
Show Orphaned --orphaned list of orphaned content.
Repository ID --repoid Limits the content list to the specified repository.

Example: List the orphaned content

$ pulp-admin content list --orphaned

Example: List the repo content

$ pulp-admin content list --repoid testrepo